Thursday, 3 August 2017

Our Kendra Published Calender From 2014  and issued to the  Sourashtra Sabhas at all Diestricts in Tamil Nadu, Andhra and Karnataka.
and also to Every Students, Teachers and Members  of our Kendra, 
Our Kendra Conducted yearly once - The Viswe Deva Pooja - The Invitation published to all. 

Thursday, 9 March 2017


  Mangalacharanam and Prarthana by our Kendra students at Nilayur, Madurai


Thursday, 2 March 2017

                 VISIT :-

students meditating at sourashtra nursery school(practising  adhistan  )


We have started our sourashtri lipi class  at Eathun Mahal near Iyampettai bus stop on 5-2-17.
Iyampettai sourashtra sabha president secretary and all committee members attended classes along with students


contact :-J.R.V.Rukmangathan                               Mobile :-8925059966

Friday, 20 January 2017

2016 Viswe Dev Pooja Function held at K.L..Janakiram Hall, Sourashtra Higher Secondary School, 110,kamarajar  Salai, Madurai - 9.

1) Bagavath Geetha Mahathmiyam - by  SakkiMangalam Kendra Students

2) Hanuman Salishe by  Sri J.R.Brugu Dev
3) Purusha Sooktham by N.J.Jeyalalitha and K.C.Geetha
4) Adhithya Hirudhayam by Sri J.R.Rukmangathan, and J.R.Barathvaj
5) Bagavath Geetha Viswa Roopa Dharshana Yogam - by T.R.Sowdharini, T.R.Sesha Nandhini
6) Bagvanuya Viboothin by Sri J.R.Sheela Priya, T.R.Rathika, M.J. Gomathi,  R.P.Banu Priya

The Funtion hosted by our Kendran Students : Sri R.S.Vignesh and Aswin Babu

and a speech by our Kendra Members P.S.Suresh Babu and V.V.Gopi about our sourashtri lipi and Nature

Our Kendra  Motive - by J.R.Rukmangathan
and finaly a speech given about Mahalaya Pakcha - Viswe Dev Pooja function by Our Kendra Founder Sri R.G.Sarathy and then

Pooja Prasath Distributed to all
13 types of  prasatham provided to Members

Viswe Dev Pooja (2016) function held at Sourashtra Higher Secondary School, 110, Kamarajar Salai, Madurai - 625 009 - K.L.N.Janakiram Hall by our Kendra.   Our Kendra Founder Sri R.G.Sarathy given welcome address, and Sarvagyamayi Sthothroo by Srimathi R.S.Mallika Rani, J.R.Sheela Priya,
2) Prarthana by our Kendra Students (Madurai Sourashtra Nursery School and Paramakudi Sourashtra Middle School)

Monday, 9 January 2017

Our Kendra Members meet Thiru Vijaya Rengan, Veerava Nallur, Nellai